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Poetry, prose, plays, parables, proverbs and practices are offered and suggested here. Check out the resources at the Florasabi Lulu store including the new book The Rhythm of Virtue, and other resources below.

Daily Practices and Methods

The Rhythm of Virtue is chock full of sample practices for using the rhythmic sounds and activities of your day as practice to develop the positive qualities you choose. A large workbook section encourages you to adapt and develop your own verses and daily practices for meaningful movement.

For example, before you use the stairs, notice your intention. Are you thinking of yourself as higher or lower than others? Then walk up mindfully, attentively. Or match stepping with the bold syllables of a verse like this:

Days when I am humble
I learn from every person,
not arrogant, but equal,
strong, unmasked and free.

See the Music tab above for more detail and for links to supporting audio and video for these practices.

Photo book Aspirations, Meditations, Verse and Poetry

Use the Three Little Wishes for a Meaningful Life photo booklet to visualize then help create a more positive world. Spend one minute to wish, "May the world..." "May each person..." or "May I ....", one week at a time for a year, working through 16 virtues. Originally this was a 2012 calendar inspired by 16 Guidelines for Life, then an app that was downloaded into 70 countries before it was retired in 2018. The Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life app content is archived and still viewable and accessible at this 3W Calendar app photo album.

The 21 Stanzas for Peace presents inspirational photos with 20 verses in another 16 Guidelines inspired photo book.

The Questions for a Meaningful Life were first presented in calendar format in 2011. Now available as a full color photo book and downloadable pdf, these are also based on ideas from the 16 Guidelines for Life. Inspirational photos and weekly questions help to cultivate the 16 positive attitudes in your daily life. Use these ideas such as Patience and Forgiveness to develop your innate compassion and wisdom for a happier life.

The Verses for a Meaningful Life were first presented in calendar format in 2010. Now the Verses are available as a full color photo book in both large and small formats as well as a pdf. These four line verses are inspired by ideas from the 16 Guidelines for Life. The preview is big enough to read even if you can't buy it, so everyone can use these verses as reminders for the day. The Verses are also viewable at one of the archive albums for the Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life app, the 3W Cards/Verses photo album, and are an integral part of The Rhythm of Virtue practices.

Blue Marble Memory is a story about interconnectedness and Forgiveness, following a drop of water. For a related poem with a slideshow, click on the picture of the water drop over the earth (in the left column) to be directed to this slideshow on Fickr.

Collections and Methods for Children

The Ready Set Happy collection of activities for children at www.16guidelines.org under Study/16GResources/Publications is currently being used on five continents as the basis of classes for toddlers though teens. There are stories, poems, and other language activities (and more!) You can preview the entire collection, before making a donation to support its continued use and development (in English and Spanish). As many who use this are not able to donate the modest suggested amount, please donate to the Foundation there on the download page unless you are unable to do so. (see white cover to the left).

Highlights pages for Ready Set Happy summarize the chapters in one page and can be posted on the wall. They are available in English and Spanish. (see examples at left).

A new Ready Set Happy Resource: Click on the image below to access this key for the 170 activities in RSH. See the underlying lesson to be drawn out for each of the activities and how they can be used in conjunction with the Seven Steps for Awakening Knowledge, Strength, and Compassion from Creating Compassionate Cultures..

Pdf key of RSH by Seven Steps


Read the story "The Gift of King Harmen" (at www.flickr.com by dflora_pix). This story has been viewed more than 140,000 times.

The Gift of King Harmen: a Fable about Happiness, (o El regalo del Rey Harmen)

Or the story Strong Enough to Let it Go" about a village learning to forgive.


Click on the image below to check out this index of four collections for a total of 108 stories based on Jataka Tales and other Buddhist sources, which have been keyed to the 16 Guidelines for Life (www.16guidelines.org).

Pdf index of 108 Buddhist Stories by 16 Guidelines

What you can try

Try this quick exercise yourself to create something new based on drawing out your own wisdom. Write a haiku about something that makes you happy. Three lines only. Five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Try to keep what it is a surprise until the third line. This will focus you on positive thoughts and give you practice using your words carefully -- something mentioned so often in the proverbs of the world. Here is a haiku example (many others available online for example at the haikume group of flickr.com).

I feel so alive
looking through the catalogue
courses for next year

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