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So why did we call it Florasabi?

Flora means new growth, blossoming, flowering. Sabi means wisdom, especially old, useful wisdom for everyday life. So Florasabi is a new flowering of ancient wisdom, the complementary interaction of the seasoned and the fresh.

Flora is a root that comes from the word for flower. It is in use in the botanical names of flowers, and to describe the Roman goddess of flowers.

Sabi is a root in use related to wisdom both in the West and the East. It is akin to the Latin roots of words like sapient (knowing) such as homo sapiens, our humanity, and sage, again meaning wise. Saber, to know, in Spanish, and sabiduria, wisdom.

In the East, particularly Japan, sabi refers to beauty or serenity that comes with age. It has to do with realizing the natural arc of an object, the impermanence of a thing by seeing the rust or wear leave its mark.

While Flora celebrates the new and beautiful, Sabi celebrates the old and settling.


All the words, art, music and other creative endeavors of Florasabi are intended to be useful, beautiful efforts that help to increase the wisdom and compassion in the world.

By focusing our attention on the wisdom traditions of the past using the creative expression of the present, we promote peace by helping to develop our own personal capabilities of ethical thought, concentration, and our own wisdom.

Some items will be offered as free downloads, some will be offered for sale, and some will be directions for projects you can make on your own. Please feel free to contact us if you have a particular idea for something new you would like to see available here.


May this be of benefit!

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