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Denise Flora

My hope is that Florasabi materials, tools, and activity suggestions will help individuals focus on these important wisdom ideas in fun and fresh ways -- so we keep mindful of what is most important and meaningful in our lives. Working on these materials has given me and my family an opportunity to do just that.

I put Florasabi Creative online in 2009 so we could share ideas more conveniently, more broadly, more directly, and in a greater range of formats as we learn together. May this be of benefit to you!

author/contributor -- Numerous publications
Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life, 21 Stanzas for Peace, the Rhythm of Virtue and more are available at the Florasabi Spotlight at Lulu.com

Support materials for these publications can be found at the albums related to each resource at florasabi video and dflora_pix photo sharing sites.

Ready Set Happy
a collection of over 150 activities for children based on the 16 Guidelines for Life, in use on five continents in several languages. Published by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, UK. See www.compassionandwisdom.org

poet -- Verses for a Meaningful Life, as photobook or pdf, first presented December 2009 as a 16 month inspirational calendar of 4-line verse for adults, available online through Lulu.com. And 21 Stanzas for Peace, as photobook, or audio.

music teacher -- Let's Play Music
since 2004, a private music studio and community of thirty families in North Carolina, USA.

composer -- Blue
an album of musical variety from Let's Play Music.

photographer -- Preparados Listos... an adaptation of Ready Set Happy by Educacion Universal published in Spain by Ediciones Dharma and other publications and websites including Automation Engineering Group . View the photostream and videos on Flickr.com as dflora_pix with over 500,000 views.

student -- of Music since 4 years old, Yoga since 1986, Taiji since 1994, Buddhist philosophy/psychology since 2003, 16Guidelines and Universal Education since 2005, Nutritarian since 2012.

facilitator -- 16 Guidelines for Life and Ready Set Happy
Faculty member and trainer for 16 Guidelines for Life, including presenting at trainings in Italy, Mexico, UK, and the US and remotely to Mongolia. Denise was grateful to be a founding member of the International 16 Guidelines Advisory Group and to help as reviewer with the Universal Education Core curriculum, and to participate in several 16G L1, L2 and L3 trainings and facilitator fora over the years.

parent -- of three
"Perhaps the most creative endeavor...what to do when you run out of hands! Thank goodness my husband has two as well. Our children are now grown in their 20's and 30's -- these three are a pleasure to parent and I feel so fortunate they are healthy and happy and finding their places to help in the world. What more do we hope for?"

volunteer -- Sunday Classes and Food and Mindfulness
Since the 1980s, Denise has taught and learned from diverse students on subjects related to the greater good, from teaching nature programs for toddlers to energy-efficiency for industrial executives, as well as Sunday classes for children and adults in several faith traditions. Since 2013 she has facilitated a Food and Minfulness group that meets monthly in Raleigh, NC. For more see Food for Thought.

Denise works on wisdom projects daily, either running Let's Play Music, a studio for private and group music lessons, or working on Universal Education related projects such as The Rhythm of Virtue, Ready Set Happy, Ready for More, the 16 Guidelines, the Seven Steps, Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life or Food for Thought -- she develops, teaches and supports programs for toddlers through teens to adults to seniors locally and on five continents.

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